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Gardner's Art Through the Ages

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Portrait of the Artist François Boucher
name | François Boucher

lived | 1703-1770

style | Rococo

paintings | selected works

Aurora and Cephalus
Diana at the Bath
Hercules and Omphale
Jupiter Seducing Callisto
Leda and the Swan
Pan and Syrinx
The Rape of Europa
The Toilet of Venus
Venus Disarming Cupid

Painter François Boucher was an important French artist who created works in the charming Rococo style. He was inspired by several sources, ranging from Classical mythology to more contemporary (and in this case, contemporary means the Eighteenth century) pursuits and passions. Indeed, Boucher is best known for his fashionably frivolous depictions of rosy-cheeked aristocratic ladies, pudgy putti, and idealized mythological subjects.

François Boucher's paintings often reflect the desires of the upper classes, and for this reason, he became an influential court artist. In many of his works, putti frolic against delicate, flower-strewn landscapes. These idyllic representations of imaginary settings reveal contemporary cravings for escapist fantasy. Additionally, the designs of many of Boucher's paintings also demonstrate a stylistic change. The artist abandoned the visual stability of symmetry in favor of asymmetry. Indeed, the excitement and movement that asymmetric compositions allow developed into an essential aspect of the Rococo style.

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Baroque and Rococo

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