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Gardner's Art Through the Ages

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Portrait of the Artist William Morris
name | William Morris

lived | 1834-1896

style | Pre-Raphaelite

designs | selected works

Acanthus wallpaper
Bachelor's Button wallpaper
Bird textile
Chrysanthemum wallpaper
Honeysuckle wallpaper
Flora tapestry
Jasmine Trellis textile
Pomona tapestry
Pomegranate wallpaper
Strawberry Thief textile

As a designer, craftsman, and artist, William Morris revolutionized the art of the Nineteenth century. While his contributions were to the design of his times, Morris was passionate about the past - specifically the Middle Ages. And it was not only the appearance of the art of the Middle Ages that thrilled the imagination of Morris. Medieval artistic techniques were also the foundation for his explorations in design. Indeed, Morris was tireless in his experimentation in a myriad of media, from stained glass to wood, textiles to painting. He tried his hand at a number of these materials, carefully learning the skills needed to create beautiful and well-made objects.

In addition, Morris also excelled at something equally as important - understanding his own limitations as an artist. He made enthusiastic, if not exactly successful, forays into painting, as evidenced by his Queen Guinevere of 1858. After this somewhat disappointing experience, Morris abandoned painting in favor of concentrating on his real talent, which was as a designer. He has left us an enduring legacy of decorative and functional objects - including furniture, textiles, wallpaper, stained glass, book design and illustration, and tiles - many of which were created in conjunction with his firm, Morris and Co.

But perhaps Morris's most significant contribution was as a man who revered quality. Despite the considerable obstacles posed at the time, he retained his belief in the essential importance of good design, and held both himself and his firm to consistently high standards. It is this timeless, characteristic quality that defines William Morris as a designer, and sets him apart as an individual. And it is for this reason that we still admire his work.

William Morris

This book is a splendid tribute to the life and work of important Nineteenth century artist and craftsman William Morris. Graced with both abundant color images and informative text, the book reveals why Morris is still admired as a brilliant and innovative designer.

The Pre-Raphaelites

This lovely book by Andrea Rose captures the essence of Pre-Raphaelite art using a series of images from several artists. Works by William Morris, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Edward Burne-Jones, John Everett Millais, and many others are presented in full color, with intriguing commentaries.