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Gardner's Art Through the Ages

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Dionysos with Maenads

name | Dionysos with Maenads

artist | Amasis Painter

period | Archaic (Ancient Greek Art)

date | circa 540 BC

This beautiful black figure vase painting by the Amasis Painter depicts Dionysos with a pair of attendant maenads. The image appears on a type of vessel that the ancient Greeks called an amphora. Amphorae (the plural form of the word amphora) were used to store such treasures as wine and oil.

The body of the vase is adorned with a gorgeous group of figures. Dionysos, the Greek god of wine and the theatre, stands on the left. The god is bearded and holds a kantharos (this kind of wine cup is often used as a symbol of Dionysos) in one of his hands. The right side of the vase features two women, who are often identified as maenads (female followers of Dionysos). These women are intertwined and clad in dark, intricately detailed garments. One of the maenads is holding a hare, while the other is carrying a deer. Each of the female figures is also grasping a sprig of stylized ivy. Notice how the skin of the male figure - Dionysos - is dark, while the female figures - the maenads - both have pale, buff colored skin.

The decorative details on the vase are bold and beautifully rendered. Large spirals serve to frame the composition in the center, and the figures also stand on a band of stylized grape leaves. This enchanting work is a masterpiece of the black figure style of vase painting.

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