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Gardner's Art Through the Ages

This book is the classic reference for the study of art. It features a history of artists and their works, as well as lucid and engaging descriptions of the styles and periods of art history. Highly recommended for both students and scholars.



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Hellenistic Art - Introduction
The Hellenistic period (circa 323 - 31 BC) was a time of artistic innovation and transformation. Artists increasingly moved away from the idealization of Classical art, toward more expressive forms. Representations of both the old and young were common during the Hellenistic era, and even the ideal beauty of a goddess such as Nike was subordinated to the goal of representing drama and movement. Indeed, Hellenistic artists - especially sculptors - are perhaps best known for their fascination with expressing emotion, something rarely seen in Greek art prior to the Hellenistic period.

Hellenistic Sculpture
Aphrodite of Melos | Also known as the Venus de Milo, this depiction of Aphrodite (or Venus, if you prefer her Roman name) is a fitting tribute to the radiant goddess of love and beauty.

Laoco�n | The writhing pose and grimace of agony on the face of Laoco�n - the central figure in this sculptural group - is indicative of the emotion and drama that Hellenistic artists sought to convey in their works.

Nike of Samothrace | This statue is one of the most celebrated works of Hellenistic art, and with good reason - it is a tour de force of dynamic drapery and frozen movement.

Sleeping Eros | This charming image of an exhausted Eros, his head resting on a pillow of stone, tiny wings folded behind his back, reveals a softer side of Hellenistic art.

Art Reference
Art Speak | Definitions of the terms, techniques, and miscellaneous jargon used in describing ancient art are available in the Art Speak section - think of it as your personal art history guide!

Art in the Hellenistic Age

Professor J.J. Pollitt brings the drama and dynamism of the Hellenistic period vividly to life in this excellent book. With chapters covering such diverse topics as "Hellenistic baroque" and "Rococo, realism, and the exotic", the reader is introduced to the many changes that took place during this era of artistic innovation.