The collections at Loggia explore select areas of study in art and art history, architecture and design, the decorative arts, industrial design, and classical studies such as Greek, Roman, and Celtic mythology.

Gardner's Art Through the Ages

This book is the classic reference for the study of art. It features a history of artists and their works, as well as lucid and engaging descriptions of the styles and periods of art history. Highly recommended for both students and scholars.



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Themes in Ancient Art
Ancient art was inspired by many subjects and sources. And there are certain themes that emerge and reappear in ancient art, themes that in many respects define the art of the Greeks and Romans.

In this section, we will explore some of these themes or concepts, beginning with what are perhaps the most popular features of ancient art:

Mythology | The myths and legends of Greece and Rome profoundly influenced ancient art, and the characters (gods and heroes) who inspired these myths were favorite subjects for ancient artists.

Idealism | coming soon!...
Ancient Greek art is famous for its aspirations to represent the ideal - especially in depicting the human form.

Realism | coming soon!...
The ancient Romans were masters of realism - learn more about how this trend towards realistic depictions influenced the appearance of Roman art.

Art & Myth in Ancient Greece

This book by T.H. Carpenter is an essential resource for anyone interested in ancient Greek art and mythology.