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There are several important designers associated with the Art Deco style. Indeed, some of these famous names have come to represent the style itself. In the field of furniture design, Jacques-Emile Ruhlmann stands out as an Art Deco master. He is recognized for his ornate designs and opulent use of lavish, expensive materials such as exotic types of wood. Indeed, Ruhlmann is also known for the majestic marquetry that decorates and embellishes some of his best known pieces of furniture.

In addition to Ruhlmann, the list of master furniture designers who worked in the Art Deco style includes Paul Follot, Pierre Chareau, Cl�ment Rousseau, the design team of S�e et Mare (Louis S�e and Andr� Mare), and Eileen Gray.

Deco designers made contributions to other areas of the arts as well. Some notable names are: Ren� Lalique (glass and jewelry), Susie Cooper (ceramics), Jean Puiforcat (silver and metalwork), Kem Weber (furniture), Paul Poiret (textiles), Clarice Cliff (ceramics), and A.M. Cassandre (posters), to name but a few. From fashion to jewelry to glass, these artists, designers, and craftspeople all made beautiful and delightful objects that still appeal to audiences of all backgrounds and tastes.

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