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This is good advice indeed, and especially useful for people who are traveling to countries in which an unfamiliar language is spoken. In fact, I really like the idea of buying a handful of beautiful postcards that depict images of paintings and sculpture and using them as a sort of visual guide. Then, after finding all of my favorite works of art, I am also left with a physical reminder of my museum adventure. What a grand suggestion!

One of Hoving's other tips about visiting an art museum that I appreciated involves bringing a portable cassette or CD (or MP3, if you are so inclined) player to the museum. This way, strolling through the museum's art collections can easily be accompanied by listening to a favorite relaxing piece of music (Hoving even shares some of his personal musical choices in the book, from Mozart to complement 18th century art to Verdi to bring out the best of the Italian Renaissance). Having been to some rather crowded exhibitions myself, I can vouch for the logic of this suggestion. But before I end this article, here is one more quick tip - just be sure not to blast your Bach too loudly in the museum. Your fellow art connoisseurs with appreciate both you courtesy and your good taste.

And if you should ever see me at an art museum, be sure to take moment to say "hello" and tell me about your favorite tips for making the most of a museum visit.

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