The collections at Loggia explore select areas of study in art and art history, architecture and design, the decorative arts, industrial design, and classical studies such as Greek, Roman, and Celtic mythology.

Gardner's Art Through the Ages

This book is the classic reference for the study of art. It features a history of artists and their works, as well as lucid and engaging descriptions of the styles and periods of art history. Highly recommended for both students and scholars.



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Italian Renaissance Art
Early Renaissance Art | Sandro Botticelli and Donatello both represent the potential of painting and sculpture, respectively, during this time of artistic innovation.

High Renaissance Art | The triumvirate of High Renaissance artists were Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, and Michelangelo. But there were also other painters, sculptors, and architects that contributed to this magnificent moment in Renaissance Italian art...

Venetian Painting | The works of the painters Titian, Giorgione, and Giovanni Bellini demonstrate the incredible artistic achievements that took place in Venice during the Renaissance.

Mannerism | coming soon!...
Art referred to as "Mannerist" generally includes such features as distortion or exaggeration of forms and figures. The painters Bronzino and Parmigianino define this style.

History of Italian Renaissance Art

In this impressive book, Professor Frederick Hartt examines the architecture, sculpture, and painting of the Italian Renaissance. First, the roots of the Renaissance are explored, then the Quattrocento and Cinquecento are revealed in this masterful work.