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 Book Review - Art and Myth in Ancient Greece

Art and Myth in Ancient Greece

By T.H. Carpenter
March 1991
Paperback, 256 pages
Thames and Hudson
ISBN 0500202362

The book Art and Myth in Ancient Greece is essential reading for anyone who wants to understand the sometimes complicated relationship between Greek mythology and art.

Author Thomas H. Carpenter has adeptly divided the subject into distinct chapters, each dealing with a particular aspect of myth. There are descriptions of the gods of Olympus and their symbols, as well as a chapter that reveals the 'Portraits of the Gods'. This information is followed by chapters that are devoted to exploring a particular Greek hero - Perseus, Bellerophon, Herakles, and Theseus are all thoroughly examined.

The last chapters uncover specific events from Greek legend: the expedition of the Argonauts, the Calydonian Boar Hunt, and the famous Trojan War. Vase paintings are a particularly good source for images of these events, and the author has carefully selected some magnificent examples to accompany the text.

All of these subjects - from gods to heroes to mythological themes - are investigated in relation to Greek art and iconography, so over 370 illustrations are included to feature these scenes from Classical myth. And while the images are all in black and white, they still manage to give the reader a compelling glimpse of important works that demonstrate the brilliance of ancient Greece's contributions to the history of art.

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Here is the first scholarly, comprehensive and succinct survey of the treatment of myth by Greek artists. With its copious illustrations, it forms an indispensable and unrivalled reference work for everybody interested in art, drama, poetry, anthropology or religion of ancient Greece.

Art and Myth in Ancient Greece

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