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 Book Review - The Iliad

The Iliad

By Homer
Translated by Robert Fitzgerald
November 1998
Paperback, 515 pages
Noonday Press
ISBN 0374525749

Homer's Iliad is one of the most compelling epics ever composed. The work is filled with tales of individual heroism, hubris (excessive pride), and haunting lyricism. It is both beautiful and tragic, and contains what are perhaps the finest examples of the ideals of the ancient Greeks.

The story depicted in the Iliad is ostensibly about the war between Trojans and Greeks, but there is much more to this book than battle scenes. One gets a glimpse of the gods as they scheme on Olympus, and a peek at the private lives of women - not to mention the vivid portraits of heroes like Achilles, Agamemnon, Ajax, and Hector.

This magnificent epic is a definite must read for anyone serious about Greek mythology. At Mythography, we like to recommend Robert Fitzgerald's translation, but in reality, most versions will do this brilliant epic justice (indeed, Richmond Lattimore's translation of the Iliad is also a delight to read).

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Anger be now your song, immortal one, Achilles' anger, doomed and ruinous, that caused the Achaians loss on bitter loss and crowded brave souls into the undergloom...

The Iliad

Art & Myth in Ancient Greece

This book is an essential resource for anyone interested in ancient Greek art and mythology. With over 370 illustrations of Greek gods, goddesses, heroes, and heroines, this book contains a wealth of information about the relationship between myth and art.

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