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 Book Review - The Aeneid

The Aeneid

By Virgil
Translated by Robert Fitzgerald
June 1990
Paperback, 442 pages
Vintage Books
ISBN 0679729526

The Roman poet Virgil may have been inspired by the epics of Homer when he wrote his famous masterpiece called The Aeneid, but he also contributed greatly to Latin literature with his fictionalized version of Roman history. For, although quite mythological in nature, Virgil's intriguing epic succeeds on its own merits.

The Aeneid is in essence a grandiose account of the legendary life of Aeneas. According to myth, Aeneas was a hero who fought in the Trojan War and survived to undertake an adventure worthy of the great Odysseus himself. In Virgil's account of the tale Aeneas fights some memorable battles, speaks with the dead, and gets involved in an affair with a fiery woman - does any of this sound familiar, you fans of the Odyssey? And since it is indeed good to read this epic with some knowledge of Homer's earlier works (The Iliad and of course The Odyssey), why not read all three books? This is a suggestion that is sure to delight anyone who loves the rousing stories of Classical mythology.

This translation also features a couple of useful additions to assist the reader in understanding context and meaning in the The Aeneid. Fitzgerald has included an informative postscript, and there is also a brief glossary of the main characters and cities that appear in the book.

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I sing of warfare and a man at war. From the sea-coast of Troy in early days he came to Italy by destiny, to our Lavinian western shore, a fugitive, this captain, buffeted cruelly on land as on the sea by blows from powers of the air - behind him baleful Juno in her sleepless rage.

The Aeneid

Art & Myth in Ancient Greece

This book is an essential resource for anyone interested in ancient Greek art and mythology. With over 370 illustrations of Greek gods, goddesses, heroes, and heroines, this book contains a wealth of information about the relationship between myth and art.

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