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Ancient Greek History and Culture
The Oxford History of Greece and the Hellenistic World
Edited by Boardman, Griffin, and Murray
This book includes chapters devoted to Greek mythology, philosophy, drama, historians, religion, art, and Homer.

Classical History and Culture
The Oxford History of the Classical World
Edited by Boardman, Griffin, and Murray
Information about Classical literature, philosophy, religion, and more. The book also features maps and illustrations.

Classical History and Culture
The Oxford Classical Dictionary
Edited by Simon Hornblower and Antony Spawforth
The OCD has the distinction of being one of the most comprehensive studies of the Classical world.

Roman History and Culture
Pompeii: The Day a City Died
By Robert Etienne
This charming book features fascinating information and images about the ancient Roman city of Pompeii.

Greek Language Resource
Langenscheidt's Pocket Dictionary Classical Greek
By Karl Feyerabend
A compact and conveniently sized dictionary of Classical Greek words.

Latin Language Resource
Cassell's Latin Dictionary
Edited by Donald Penistan Simpson
Cassell's is a classic Latin dictionary that features both Latin to English and English to Latin translations.

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The Oxford Classical Dictionary is a compendium of modern scholarship, designed to meet the needs both of the general reader and of the specialist in all fields of ancient Greek and Roman civilization.

Oxford Classical Dictionary

Who's Who in Classical Mythology

This book is a great source for information about Greek and Roman mythology! Organized alphabetically, this who's who features information about over 1200 of the most intriguing characters from Classical myth and legend.

Gods and Heroes of Ancient Greece

The Homeric Hymns

The Norton Book of Classical Literature

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