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Pietro Belluschi at a Glance

Equitable Savings Building, Pietro Belluschi

name | Pietro Belluschi

lived | 1899-1994

style | International Style

biography | the architect at a glance

Born in 1899, Pietro Belluschi is recognized for his pioneering works of architecture. His 1948 Equitable Savings and Loan Association Building in Portland, Oregon USA, is one of the first examples of a 'pure glass box'. It was also the first fully sealed, air conditioned building in the U.S.

buildings | selected works

Portland Art Museum | 1931-1938
Portland, Oregon USA

Equitable Savings Building | 1948
Portland, Oregon USA

San Francisco Symphony Hall | 1980 with SOM
San Francisco, California USA

recommended book on architect Pietro Belluschi
Pietro Belluschi:
Modern American Architect

There can be no question that Belluschi was a major figure in American architecture during the mid-20th century, someone who achieved international distinction in his own time both for his own extraordinary work and for the many other ways in which he contributed to the field. Belluschi's work from the late 1930s through the 1950s, especially, represents a very important episode in the difficult, complex search for reconciliation between modernity and tradition.