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R. Buckminster Fuller at a Glance

Dymaxion House, R. Buckminster Fuller

name | R. Buckminster Fuller

lived | 1895-1983

style | Modern

biography | the architect at a glance

The innovative ideas and concepts of R. Buckminster Fuller bridged several professions: engineer, architect, inventor, philosopher. 'Bucky' as he was affectionately known, is credited for many things including the geodesic dome, Dymaxion Car, Dymaxion House, and principles of tensegrity (tensile + integrity).

Fuller's innovative 1927 Dymaxion House, was based on his concepts and theories of the ideal structure. The house featured an efficient circular form, mass produced from aluminum. Designed to be easily dismantled, the Dymaxion House could be packaged into a shipping tube and transported wherever the modern family moved.

buildings | selected works

Dymaxion House | 1927
pre-engineered modular building

geodesic dome | 1954
patents geodesic dome construction system

U.S. Pavilion | 1967
Montreal, Canada

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