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Andrea Palladio at a Glance

Villa Rotonda, Andrea Palladio

name | Andrea Palladio

lived | 1508-1580

style | renaissance

biography | the architect at a glance

Born as Andrea di Pietro dalla Gondola, Andrea Palladio is one of the most influential architects of the past millenium. Palladio, an Italian known for his villas and public buildings near Vicenza, developed a set of design principles based on the system of proportion, order, and symmetry which he devised. His 'Palladian Style', expressed in works such as San Giorgio Maggiore and Villa Rotonda, can still be seen in many civic buildings of the 20th Century.

buildings | selected works

Villa Valmarana | 1541
Vigardolo, Italy

Villa Pisani | 1542-1545
Bagnolo, Italy

Villa Almerigo [La Rotonda] | 1542-1545
Vicenza, Italy

Villa Poiana | 1548-1549
Poiana Maggiore, Italy

Villa Saraceno | 1548-1549
Finale di Agugliaro, Italy

Basilica Palladiana | 1549
Vicenza, Italy

San Giorgio Maggiore | 1565
Venice, Italy

Villa Valmarana | 1565-1566
Lisiera, Italy

Villa Rotunda [Villa Capra] | 1566-1570
Vicenza, Italy

Andrea Palladio:
The Architect in His Time

This comprehensive book chronicles the works of Italian architect Andrea Palladio complete with helpful drawings and images. A valuable resource for the study of this Renaissance master, the book also includes maps for the locations of buildings, a glossary of terms, as well as a chronology of Palladio's works.