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R.M. Schindler at a Glance

Lovell Beach House, R.M. Schindler

name | R.M. Schindler

lived | 1887-1953

style | International Style [California Modern]

biography | the architect at a glance

Vienna-born modernist R. M. Schindler is perhaps best known for the first pure International Style house built in America, his 1926 Lovell Beach House. After gaining early experience in the office of Frank Lloyd Wright, Schindler began his own practice in California. Designer and builder some of the most innovative buildings of the early 20th Century, Schindler designed the Lovell Beach House for same progressive physician who later commissioned Richard Neutra to design his well known Los Angeles home. The Lovell Beach House consists of a series of five concrete frames that form the main structure. The rhythm of these planes provides a striking composition of forms, and elegantly elevates the main living spaces above the surrounding ground level for a panorama of the ocean beyond.

buildings | selected works

King's Road House | 1921-1922
Los Angeles, California USA

Lovell Beach House | 1922-1926
Newport Beach, California USA

'Schindler Shelter' | 1933
prefabricated concrete dwelling prototype

Buck House | 1934
Los Angeles, California USA

Walker House | 1935
Los Angeles, California USA

McAlmon House | 1936
Los Angeles, California USA

Rodakiewicz House | 1937
Los Angeles, California USA

van Dekker House | 1940
Canoga Park, California USA

Bethlehem Baptist Church | 1944
Los Angeles, California USA

Janson House | 1949
Los Angeles, California USA

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R.M. Schindler

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