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Book Review - R. M. Schindler

R. M. Schindler

By Judith Sheine
September 2001
Hardcover, 304 pages
Phaidon Press Inc.
ISBN 0714839140

Author Judith Sheine presents an engaging and rare look at this innovative Modernist through photographs, drawings, and correspondence with noted contemporaries such as Frank Lloyd Wright and Richard Neutra. From Phaidon Press, this book is undoubtedly the most complete record of architect R.M. Schindler's works available today.

Born in Vienna, Rudolph Schindler was influenced by the work of early 20th Century architects such as Otto Wagner, Adolf Loos, Josef Hoffman, and Josef Maria Olbrich. He later immigrated to Chicago with the goal of working with American architect Frank Lloyd Wright. It is in Schindler's correspondence with Wright that Sheine reveals not only much about the character of Schindler, but a glimpse into the world of architecture itself. The spirited dialogue of the great egomaniacal master and the talented young apprentice speaks volumes about the practice of architecture, and the struggle of gifted designers such as Schindler.

Compactly sized, the 304 page book offers a wealth of images documenting Schindler's works, many rarely seen before. Its chronological organization reinforces the development and progression in Schindler's works, particularly in his California residences. Although presented with limited color photographs, the book does contain 250 black and white images, some by Schindler himself, that fittingly reinforce the massing and spatial qualities of this early modernist's work. Also included are nearly 175 drawings, plans, and renderings that make this book a necessary companion to any Modernist's collection.

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