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Featured Book - Ugo di Pace: Interiors

Ugo di Pace: Interiors

By Ugo di Pace
October 2007
Hardcover, 240 pages
Rizzoli New York
ISBN 9780847830046

With the vision of a master architect, designer, artist and art-lover, Ugo di Pace has become one of the preeminent figures in Brazilian architecture and a notable name throughout the world. Interiors looks at his design production over the past five years and marks the development of a distinctive international style four decades in the making.

Born in Naples, Ugo di Pace moved to S�o Paulo in 1960 to pursue his professional career. He has remained in the crosscurrents of world culture, working within context of the contemporary Brazilian art scene while drawing extensively from classical Italian traditions and a pastiche of French, English and Venetian antique style. Salvaging original vases, columns and tapestries from all over the world, di Pace integrates these works of art with modern furniture (much of which he has designed personally) to create dynamic interiors where past and present converge. A master of light and genius of details, di Pace takes his projects from foundation to furnishing with signature elegance.

Featuring homes and apartments in Brazil, New York, Paris and Italy, Ugo di Pace: Interiors frames the artist�s recent work with an essay by Brazilian art critic Nirlando Beir�o, as well as an introduction by di Pace discussing his creative influences. A richly illustrated monograph with new color photography, Interiors shows how classic art and modern architecture merge in di Pace�s work as nothing less than a means to knowledge.

� Ugo di Pace Interiors by Ugo di Pace, Rizzoli New York, 2007.

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