The collections at Loggia explore select areas of study in art and art history, architecture and design, the decorative arts, industrial design, and classical studies such as Greek, Roman, and Celtic mythology.

Gardner's Art Through the Ages

This book is the classic reference for the study of art. It features a history of artists and their works, as well as lucid and engaging descriptions of the styles and periods of art history. Highly recommended for both students and scholars.



Buildings and Structures | famous buildings and structures from around the world! The sites featured explore the architecture of these structures including information about their architects, history, design, and construction.

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Buildings and Structures
a collection of features from A Momentary Vignette!

Brooklyn Bridge | Roebling's feat of engineering and design.
Civil Rights Memorial | the solemn monument by Maya Lin.
Chrysler Building | New York City's art deco delight.
Dymaxion House | Buckminster Fuller's the house of the future.
Eiffel Tower | Paris landmark created for the 1889 World's Fair.
Empire State Building | once the world's tallest building.
Fallingwater | Frank Lloyd Wright's residence at Bear Run.
Flatiron Building | New York City landmark with unique shape.
Flavian Amphitheater | the great Roman colosseum.
the Great Pyramid at Giza | the last of the Seven Wonders.
the Guggenheim | F.L. Wright's museum of distinctive shape.
Guggenheim Museum Bilbao | Frank Gehry's spectacular museum.
Lever House | SOM's modern office building at Park Avenue.
Miró studio | studio for artist Joan Miró by José Luis Sert.
Nakagin Tower | the Tokyo capsule tower by Kurokawa.
Old Faithful Inn | the rustic and picturesque national park lodge.
Sistine Chapel | Michelangelo's exquisite ceiling frescoes.
skyscraper | the giants of building and engineering.
Sydney Opera House | beautiful sail-like complex by J�rn Utzon.
Temple of Venus | the ancient Roman temple at Baalbek.
Timberline Lodge | the WPA treasure on the slopes of Mt. Hood.
Times Square | celebrate at the crossroads of the universe.
Tomb of Qin | discover the ancient Chinese terra cotta army.
Unisphere | 1964 World's Fair centerpiece near New York City.
Waldorf-Astoria | the classic New York art deco hotel.
World Trade Center | Yamasaki's 110 story twin towers.

Skyscrapers at Loggia | Loggia presents the tallest structures and high-rise buildings from around the world.

Famous Buildings on the Web

Architecture of the Getty Center | a tour of Richard Meier's new museum in Los Angeles is the subject of this beautifully detailed presentation.

the Barcelona Pavilion | this innovative International Style icon by Mies van der Rohe is studied in a virtual tour of the reconstructed work.

La Pedrera | a visit to Antonio Gaudi's recently restored La Pedrera is provided by Caixa Catalunya complete with detailed images and plans.

the Miracle in Bilbao | Frank O. Gehry's new Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao is the subject of this article which first appeared in the New York Times.

Pontevecchio | the famous bridge in Florence, Italy is documented with beautiful photographs and commentary.

roadsideamerica | visit roadside icons of America's past that recall a different kind of architecture.

S�yn�tsalo Municipal Centre | the beautiful Town Hall in S�yn�tsalo, Finland by Alvar Aalto is featured in this study of the architect's work.

Architecture Today

A colorful and comprehensive guide to the pluralistic styles and movements of the last 25 years, complete with incisive critiques of the world's most recent architectural trends.

A Momentary Vignette

'A brief, beautiful glimpse of something from the world of architecture, design, and art... poetic, subtle, and interesting!'