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The Dymaxion Ideal | an exploration of the life and works of R. Buckminster Fuller... engineer, architect, inventor, and philosopher.

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Fuller's most notable domed structure however, was the 250 foot geodesic dome designed as the United States Pavilion for Expo '67 in Montreal. The plans for the three-quarter sphere were as unique as the structure itself. Aside from a few details, there were literally no drawings at all. Instead, Fuller simply supplied tables of figures from which machining tools could be calibrated to produce all the steel components. These were then riveted into place according to a simple color-coded system that Fuller also devised. The centerpiece of the exhibition, the dome exemplified Fuller's principles of synergetic geometry and ephemeralization to the fullest extent.

Fuller's innovative works such as his geodesic domes, led to new perspectives about precisely what 'modern' was, and what exactly the machine could offer society as a whole. In his eyes, buildings as manifestations of machines, were simply the tools of man. Buildings should not be glorified, but rather utilized honestly and purposefully... as machines for living.

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