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This book is the classic reference for the study of art. It features a history of artists and their works, as well as lucid and engaging descriptions of the styles and periods of art history. Highly recommended for both students and scholars.

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Ancient Greek Festivals
Anthesteria | the name Anthesteria means "festival of flowers", and it was celebrated by drinking the season's new wine (giving it an an obvious connection to Dionysos)

Aphrodisia | as the name of this festival suggests, it was dedicated to the goddess Aphrodite

Brauronia | the Brauronia festival was dedicated to the cult of the goddess Artemis

Dionysia | festivals held in honor of the god Dionysos; the ancient Greeks had both Rural Dionysia and City Dionysia

Eleusinian Mysteries | the Eleusinian Mysteries are understood to be sacred events that were connected to the goddess Demeter and her daughter Persephone (also known as Kore)

Olympieia | celebrated in the Spring, this festival in honor of Zeus combined religious festivities with athletic events

Panathenaia | held in honor of the goddess Athena's birthday, the Panathenaia festival was one of the most important in ancient Athens

Theogamia | this event was held to celebrate of the "hieros gamos", or sacred wedding, of Zeus and Hera

Thesmophoria | the Thesmophoria was a fertility festival associated with Demeter, in which the participants were exclusively women

You can learn much more about these ancient Greek festivals - and many others - from the following books:

Festivals of Attica | Erika Simon

Greek Religion | Walter Burkert

Who's Who in Classical Mythology

Who's Who in Classical Mythology

This book is a great source for information about Greek and Roman mythology! Organized alphabetically, this who's who features information about over 1200 of the most intriguing characters from Classical myth and legend.

Bulfinch's Mythology

Bulfinch's Mythology

The stories of Classical myth come to life in Bulfinch's book. This edition also features legends from other cultures.

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