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Gardner's Art Through the Ages

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Aphrodite in Art
Aphrodite in Myth
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Roman Numen
Lares | gods of the household; they were spirits of dead ancestors who protected the family

Liber | god of fertility; Liber was identified with Bacchus and/or the Greek god Dionysos

Libitina | goddess who watched over funerals

Lucina | goddess of childbirth; similar to the Greek goddess Eileithyia

Manes | spirits of the dead

Nerio | minor goddess who was the wife of Mars

Ops | goddess of the harvest

Pales | goddess who watched over pastures

Penates | gods who presided over the welfare of the family

Pomona | goddess of fruits and fertility

Portunus | god of harbors

Priapus | god of fertility

Proserpina | goddess of the Underworld; Roman equivalent of the Greek goddess Persephone

Quirinus | god of war

Saturn | god of agriculture; the Roman counterpart to the Greek god Cronus

Silvanus | god of nature and the woods

Tellus | goddess of the earth; identified with the Greek goddess Gaia

Terminus | god of boundaries

Vertumnus | god who had the power to change his shape

Vesta | goddess of home and hearth; similar to the Greek goddess Hestia

Victoria | goddess of Victory; counterpart to the Greek Nike


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