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Horae at a Glance

name | Seasons or Horae (’Wrai)

role | goddesses of the Seasons

Horae in Greek Mythology
In Greek myth, the Horae were goddesses of the Seasons. The poet Hesiod, in his Theogony, claims that these goddesses are the daughters of Zeus and Themis. Hesiod names the Seasons Lawfulness (Eunomia), Justice (Dike), and Peace (Eirene).

In other sources, however, the Seasons are referred to by different names. These names changed according to the region. In Athens, for example, the individual Horae were called Thallo, Carpo, and Auxo, names that correspond more accurately than Hesiod's to traditional concepts about the seasons. Thallo can be interpreted to mean growth or Spring, Carpo refers to Autumn or the harvest, and Auxo corresponds roughly to Summer.

The Seasons appear in mythology and art as the companions of many other Greek gods and goddesses, including such luminaries as Demeter, Apollo, Dionysos, and Aphrodite. Naturally, their intimate association with growth and fertility make the Horae appealing goddesses, and attractive members of a divine entourage.

In classical art, the Horae were traditionally depicted as a trio of beautiful young women. These goddesses were sometimes portrayed with plants or flowers to symbolize their connection with seasonal fertility.

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