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The Lovers of Apollo in Myth
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The Greek god Apollo is legendary in mythology for his love affairs. From his fruitful flings with Coronis and Calliope, to his notorious pursuit of Daphne, the objects of Apollo's desire are the stuff of myth and legend. However, the god of archery sometimes missed his mark, and fell in love (or was it lust?) with the wrong person. These tales of unrequited love read like a who's who of mythological mishaps - but they are also some of the most compelling stories in Greek mythology. The list that follows includes some of the loves of Apollo.

Cassandra | Apollo gave Cassandra the gift of prophecy, but when she refused to return his affections, the god's gift became a curse

Calliope | the lovely Muse Calliope is traditionally credited with bearing one of Apollo's famous offspring, the poet and singer Orpheus

Coronis | this mortal woman became the mother of Apollo's son Asklepios - but her relationship with the god had tragic consequences

Daphne | the nymph Daphne earned her place in Greek legend when she fled from the unwelcome advances of Apollo

Hyacinthus | a handsome youth who caught the eye of Apollo, Hyacinthus also became the unfortunate victim of a deadly accident...

Sibyl of Cumae | the legendary Sibyl of Cumae became the victim of Apollo's anger when she rejected the god's amorous attentions

Apollo in Art History
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Who's Who in Classical Mythology

Who's Who in Classical Mythology

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Bulfinch's Mythology

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