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The Lovers of Poseidon in Myth
Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea, was a member of the first generation of Olympians. He was one of the most powerful male divinities, his might rivaled only by his brothers Zeus and Hades. It should therefore come as no surprise that Poseidon had his choice of female companions and fathered many children (divine power seems to be great aphrodisiac in mythology). Indeed, there are many mythological tales about the loves of this virile (and irresistible) sea god. The list that follows includes some of the lovers of Poseidon.

Aethra | the mortal woman Aethra was the mother of legendary Greek hero Theseus, and in mythology, it was claimed that Poseidon was the hero's father

Amphitrite | Amphitrite was an enchanting Nereid (sea goddess) who caught Poseidon's eye; some sources claim that she was Poseidon's wife

Demeter | the beautiful Olympian goddess Demeter took the form of a mare to avoid Poseidon's advances, but the wily sea god simply changed into a stallion and consummated their union in this guise

Medusa | according to the legend, Medusa was once a lovely female, and her beauty so blinded Poseidon that it drove him to ravish her in Athena's temple - and for this, Medusa was punished...

Tyro | in order to carry out his seduction of the mortal woman Tyro, Poseidon disguised himself as a river god; this steamy affair resulted in the birth of the twins Neleus and Pelias

Poseidon in Art
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