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Roman Numen
This list features some of the deities and spirits (known individually as numen or collectively as numina) who populated the imagination and religion of the native Latin people. While some of them were extremely important to the extent that they had rites dedicated to them, others are merely names, with little (or limited) function even in Roman times. Several of them, including Janus and Vesta, were quite essential to the Roman state cults, and so taken together as a group, these gods and goddesses should not be underestimated.

Bellona | goddess of war

Bona Dea | this "good goddess" was worshipped by women only; in mythology she was identified with Fauna

Cardea | goddess who possessed power over doorways; however, in other respects, she is similar to the Greek goddess Artemis

Cloacina | goddess who watched over the construction and preservation of sewers (think Cloaca Maxima...)

Consus | god of fertility

Cupid | god of love; the Roman counterpart to the Greek god Eros

Dis (Dis Pater) | god of the Underworld; similar to the Greek Hades

Discordia | goddess of discord or strife; Roman version of the Greek goddess Eris

Faunus | god of the fields and shepherds; identified with the Greek god Pan

Felicitas | goddess of good luck

Fides | goddess of honesty

Flora | goddess of "all that flourishes"; revered especially by courtesans

Fortuna | goddess of chance; identified with the Greek goddess Tyche

Furies | Roman version of the Erinyes

Glaucus | god of the sea

Janus | god of gates; lent his name to the first month of the year

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Do you think they dared trust one god with their lands? No, Rusina must look to the country, Jugatinus to the hilltops, Collatina to the rest of the hills, and Vallonia to the valleys. Nor could Segetia alone protect the grain: when it was in the ground Seia most look to it; when it was up and ready to mow, Segetia...

- St. Augustine

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