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Notable Nymphs in Greek Mythology
Nymphs were extremely popular in Greek mythology and art. These female nature spirits were the companions of satyrs, the lovers of gods and heroes, and in some cases, they starred in their own stories. The following list features some notable nymphs from myth and legend.

Arethusa | a nymph associated with a fountain or spring; according to one version of her myth, Arethusa is transformed into a spring by the goddess Artemis

Calypso | it was the beautiful sea-nymph Calypso who detained the hero Odysseus on her island

Daphne | the comely nymph Daphne was pursued by the god Apollo in a famous myth

Doris | the Oceanid (or sea nymph) Doris was the wife of Nereus and the mother of the Nereids

Echo | the nymph Echo she was the unfortunate victim of her unrequited love for Narcissus

Minthe (Menthe) | Minthe was a sea-nymph who was one of the lovers of Hades - for this reason, she was punished by Persephone and transformed into a mint plant

Oenone | she was the beloved of Paris - that is, until Paris fell for the beautiful Helen...

Syrinx | this nymph was pursued by Pan, and transformed into reeds to escape his unwelcome advances

Thetis | the Nereid (sea-nymph) Thetis was the mother of the Greek hero Achilles

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