industrial detroit

Industrial Detroit Michigan, U.S.A.

Industrial Detroit stands as a relic of modern design. The pure forms of ancient factories and manufacturing plants reflect an aesthetic of economy on a grand scale. Immense structures which once produced machines for the world sit silent as icons of past days. The incredible beauty of these structures, woven fabrics of glass and steel, is the essence of the modern age of design. Function and form are united in a common dialogue. Beauty comes from within. Composition, rhythm, balance, symmetry are inherent properties of the functions served. It is the art of the machine age.

It is striking to see these immense structures, the steel towers marshalled along the waterfront, servants of industry. Sunlight through paned expanses of glass in steel, washes factories with lightness and air. These are magical spaces of mystery echoing memories of a rich past, and possibilities of the future.

This architecture of industry is seemingly forgotten now. What once was a rule, now is the exception in our built environment. The beauty of form, prescription to function, and scale of endeavor are slowly becoming rusting memories of this faded past.

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industrial waterfront

waterfront structure

waterfront structures

factory at dusk

industrial skylight