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welcome to a momentary vignette!

An almost daily look at architecture design, and art... featuring information about famous artists and architects, buildings and structures, styles and periods, and more!

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The Museum of Modern Art presents Modern Starts, the first of three exhibitions that explores the collection of this noted museum. The exhibit is organized around the themes of People, Places, and Things as it begins with the period from 1880-1920... a time of discovery and spirit of invention. Modern Starts is on exhibit through March 14, 2000.


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coming soon to a Vignette near you...

Celebrate the March birthdays of Piet Mondrian, William Morris, Vincent van Gogh and more. And share an electronic postcard of architecture, design, and art with friend. Look for more cards coming soon!


[ worth reading ]

Escape to another time... imagine, dream, and build great works of architecture and engineering, all rendered in sand. Sandtiquity inspires and invites anyone to view the art of sand castles in a whole new light. Noted architect Malcolm Wells provides simple guidance to the construction of a series of monumental structures, complete with step-by-step photographs and instructions.


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it is like a warm, safe place...

a 'keep' is the well-protected, innermost structure or tower of a medieval castle often used as a place of residence... especially during times of a siege.

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