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welcome to a momentary vignette!

An almost daily look at architecture, design, and art... featuring information about famous artists and architects, buildings and structures, styles and periods, and more!



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The Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum presents 'Furnishing the Modern Era: Masterpieces from the Vitra Design Museum'. A visual 'Flash' feast, this online introduction highlights chairs and other important pieces of furniture that shaped 20th Century design. Even if you missed the actual exhibition, you can still catch a glimpse of these famous works in this online exhibit... it is almost as much fun to interact with as the actual chairs themselves!


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'Webworks: E-Zines'... a different kind of architecture and design. Read more about 'A Momentary Vignette' as featured in this new book by Martha Gill. A beautifully presented book by Rockport Publishers, 'Webworks: E-Zines' reveals how some of the most notable sites on the Web including Salon, Metropolis, Rolling Stone, and The Onion create innovative and engaging online publications. And hey, we're in there too!.


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share the spirit of design...

Send an electronic postcard of architecture and design. Our new postcards feature the works of Italian master Andrea Palladio. Giovanni Giaconi provides these beautifully rendered images of Palladio's villas and other famous works. Look for more cards coming soon!


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a collection of the most recent vignettes...

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Support 'A Momentary Vignette' with a contribution through the Amazon Honor System. Doing so not only helps to cover my coffee expenses, but also enables me to present an everchanging glimpse into the world of architecture and design. Thanks for all your help and support!


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...a room with a view.

People come to our site and often ask us... what is a 'loggia' anyway? The term loggia describes a gallery formed by a colonnade open on one or more sides. Often located on an upper floor of a building overlooking an open court or garden, classic examples can be seen in the architecture of Venice, Florence, and surrounding regions of Italy.

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