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welcome to a momentary vignette!

An almost daily look at architecture, design, and art... featuring information about famous artists and architects, buildings and structures, styles and periods, and more!



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Scheduled for opening on June 23, 2000 in Seattle, the Experience Music Project [EMP] is an interactive museum documenting the creative realms of American music. Designed by renowned architect Frank O. Gehry, the museum combines multimedia presentations with innovative technology, as well as a vast collection of some 80,000 artifacts that have helped shaped American music. For a quick overview of the Experience Music Project, visit the EMP Facts page, or to indulge in the complete experience...

Experience Music Project [Hi-Fi]
Experience Music Project [Low-Fi]

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a little spring cleaning...

We've cleaned out our archives and organized Vignette to provide better access to past favorites! Now you can explore the archives either by subject, date, or the complete listing of past vignettes. Also visit the recently renovated Vignette Bookstore for recommended books on architecture, design, and art.

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This recommended selection of architectural guidebooks and city guides from the 'Architecture + Design' series are worthy companions to any traveler's collection! Some of America's favorite cities are revealed in this series of compact, yet high quality architectural guide books. Each book organizes the subject city into its historic districts, complete with beautiful sketches and the vital information necessary for uncovering some hidden gems of architecture and design. Especially suited for architects and history buffs, the guides provide a brief description of landmark buildings including addresses, dates, and visitor information. Also accompanying the text are helpful maps and sketches of many of the featured sites.


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a collection of the most recent vignettes...

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...what stile is it?

a 'stile' is the vertical member used to frame a panel such as in a door, window sash, or piece of furniture.

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