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welcome to a momentary vignette!

A Momentary Vignette wishes everyone the happiest of New Years.



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DesignMuseum: A fabulous Flash feast, London's DesignMuseum offers a stunning site featuring an eclectic mix of objects designed for our daily lives... from stylish automobiles, office equipment, and furniture... to humble household products and accessories.


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now at a momentary vignette...

Share a momentary vignette of architecture, design, and art with an electronic postcard. Select cards featuring the work of Frank Lloyd Wright, Eliel Saarinen, and Bernard Maybeck... with more selections coming soon!


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The Griffin and Sabine Trilogy... this cleverly presented trilogy makes a wonderful gift for anyone who enjoys great design. The Griffin and Sabine boxed set is indeed a work of art... complete with alluring collages and other surprises to weave this engaging tale of intrigue and mystery.


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[ the last word ]

to fly or not to fly... there is more here than meets the eye.

a 'fly loft' is the tall space above a stage in a theater used for the hoisting and storing of scenery backdrops during a play, opera, or similar production.

thanks again for visiting!
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