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welcome to a momentary vignette!

We continue our one year anniversary with more revealing glances at the world of architecture, design, and art.



[ a closer look ]

The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam has reopened following extensive renovations to modernize the facility including construction of a new exhibition wing designed by the Japanese architect Kisho Kurokawa. In honor of the recently completed work, the museum is presenting an exhibition featuring a retrospective on the work of Kurokawa. The museum's web site offers a glimpse of the new wing, as well as an engaging introduction to Vincent Van Gogh and his works.

[ event horizon ]

coming soon to a momentary vignette...

Join us as we celebrate the birthdays of artists and designers such as Gustav Klimt, Inigo Jones, Rembrandt, and Alexander Calder.


[ worth reading ]

Wonderfully presented, Icons of Architecture: The 20th Century, provides an engaging chronology of this century's most important architectural works. A concise description of each building is accompanied by beautiful photographs. But perhaps most informative are the biographies introducing the architects who created these masterpieces of design.


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[ the last word ]

leave it to this man to invent a new phrase...

The word 'dymaxion' was used by R. Buckminster Fuller to describe a philosophy of achieving the maximum result in the most efficient manner possible. Fuller applied the term dymaxion ('dynamic'+'maximum'+'ion') to a series of innovative inventions including streamlined automobiles, lightweight homes, and his most recognized invention, the geodesic dome.

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